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Its not about the canvas, its everything but the canvas.

Mobile tented camps are not a new phenomenon, and the purists among us would say that; a mobile tented camp is, by definition, a camp which you set and strike as you go on your journey. Mobile Tented Camps by Wilderness Explorer, operate in a different way; we establish luxury mobile tented camps for specific groups, generally at a location of your choice.

Mobile tented camps open an enormous number of opportunities and options, and we believe that this potential is beyond compare in the accommodation sector. This does however, present a problem for many of us, as having to stretch our imagination to what may be possible is exhausting. Suffice to say that there are few places and guest numbers that a mobile tented camp cannot reach or accommodate. Equally important are the, almost endless, number of camp customisation options that a tailor made camp can provide. Our camps do not try and become your identity, they are your identity, it becomes YOUR camp for the duration of your stay.

We need not elaborate on the environmental impact of a mobile tented camp, save to say that we occupy previously disturbed sites, and leave nothing other than footprints behind. This does mean that we are able to provide authentic safari experiences in protected areas, often national parks. Since we are in the ecotourism business, our locations are selected, where suitable, with responsibility, beneficiation and sustainability in mind.

Now that we have dispensed with the preamble, and you know a little of what we can do, please take a look through the site, even if you don’t have any specific requirement in mind, who knows the idea of a mobile tented camp may just resonate with you, and perhaps a digital detox is just what your group needs.

The Baviaanskloof Adventure Camp from 31st March 2017 until 1st May 2017

It’s here, one of South Africa’s truly authentic adventure products for the discerning adventure traveller.

The Pop-Up Camps are located in stunning wilderness areas in South Africa. The camps are aimed at the discerning adventure traveller,  and provide a fully inclusive product.

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Some popular mobile tented camp locations