Adventure Camps

Understated comfort best describes our Adventure Camps, the most ‘mobile’ of our options. This camp is able to be set-up and broken down quicker than the Explorer and Safari camps, and is therefore ideal when site access is limited to a few days before and after the camp.

Standard features of Adventure Camps

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Accommodation Tents & Ablutions

We use a 9m² nylon dome, also known as a bow tent, which has windows on 4 sides. Unless otherwise requested we provide one ablution tent per 5 tents; this ensures that each ablution tent is shared by a maximum of 10 guests. A 30l warm water bucket shower provides ample water for a refreshing shower; adjacent to the shower is a chemical flush toilet. There is no housekeeping service for the tents.

Beds / Linen / Towels / Amenities

Each tent has 2 single stretcher beds (80cm x 200cm), separated by a pedestal, and high density foam mattresses. Sleeping bags lined with inner cotton lining, and hypo-allergenic pillows, provide a comfortable and warm nights sleep. A bath towel, and standard personal amenities completes our tent. It is possible to create a double bed by connecting the sleeping bags and joining the beds.

Hospitality Tents & Catering

The central fire pit will always be the focal point of any camp, and we position dining tents around this area. Relaxing in lounging chairs around the fire is the perfect way to start and end your meal. Program dependent, brunch, high tea, and dinner are served as buffets; menus are designed for each camp in consultation with our client. We set-up a bar in close proximity to the fire pit.

Guest Services

Our Adventure Camps do not sacrifice warm hospitality, we are accustomed to an ever-changing program and quickly mobilize to react to program amendments on the fly.