Conference Under Canvas

Conference Under Canvas

Conference Under Canvas – Neat rows of crisp white linen-adorned tables, each with a bowl of mints, bottled water, scribblers, and pens, stretch wall to wall in your conference room. Delegates seat themselves, and before struggling to get their legs under taught table dressings, position their phones, around which they organise themselves. The smart phone is our most valued aid, it allows us to; keep track of time until the next break, check in on Facebook, chat with colleagues about the weekend etc. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does.

The speaker welcomes you to the conference, running through the programme, and a few housekeeping notes, they are all in your conference pack, the same programme you saw last quarter, but with a date change. As much you will be encouraged to believe that this conference will be different, you are struggling to see how. Does this sound familiar? Wait, it gets better…, but why dwell on what we all know so well, and it is now that I will use an age old expression; insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result. Moving the conference room from province to province does very little to break the repetitive nature of meetings, yet somehow we all believe it is money well spent. Why not just send out an inter-office memo, if we know the result will be the same. Set out the corporate objectives for the next quarter, provide a summary of performance to date, set out the new targets, throw in a dinner voucher, and get back to work.

Interested in something different? Well if you are, read on. Consider a conference under canvas.

The tables and chairs will be there, but that’s about as close as we going to get to your predictable meeting experience, and don’t bother looking for your phone, it will be of no use to you now. There are no distractions, no laptops to hide behind, just pens, note pads, and flip charts (remember those). At first you will feel bare, insecure perhaps, but don’t panic, you are all in exactly the same tent. Now it’s just you, the perfect place to start.

A conference under canvas can provide a completely unique meeting experience, with break-away rooms under trees, and plenaries around camp fires.

Mobile Tented Camps can tailor make your next conference facility far beyond a handful of changes offered by most establishments. A conference under canvas can;

  1. be established exactly where you want it,
  2. be established exactly when you want it,
  3. be designed to fit your exact delegate numbers,
  4. include as many plenary ‘rooms’ as you want,
  5. be free of any external distractions.

In summary, a conference under canvas will provide a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues, focus on your company objectives, and in an environment which can be like no other. Mobile Tented Camps offers almost infinite scalability, numerous theme options, and an exciting alternative to the tried and tested. Please feel free to contact us, and will be very happy to explore the list of infinite possibilities for your next meeting.

Conference Under Canvas