Family Camps

Family Camps are designed to make it possible for individual families to join others in an adventure travel experience, without having to bear the onerous costs of having a luxury mobile tented camp established solely for themselves.

We live in an age where family travel is increasing at a rapid rate and, along with two other emerging trends; keeping it green, and no disneyfication, family camps is the ideal opportunity to take kids and grand parents off on an adventure for the whole family. Establishing a luxury adventure camp for a single family will always be a costly exercise for any luxury mobile tented camp operator, and Mobile Tented Camps provides tented accommodation for a variety of purposes through out South Africa, typically for a single client and, generally for large groups. Having said this, Mobile Tented Camps establishes a luxury tented camps, with a specific theme in mind, and in this case, it is provide an adventure holiday experience for individual families to book.

Family Camps are created and managed with families in mind, and the emphasis will always be on adventure, and this means that you are likely to get your feet dirty, or wet, or both. We seek out remote places, preferably with no mobile phone signal, and where we can immerse our guests in stunning natural beauty. Our camps are fully catered, and we provide all of the creature comforts, and yes that often includes flush toilets and showers, even where there is no sign of human habitation. We generally suggest or even arrange activities to get you all going, and after a short while it is amazing to see how folk begin to enjoy the company of total strangers – the outdoors has a wonderful habit of bringing us together.

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Family Camps – building memories through adventures.


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Family Camps