Incentive Travel Camps

Incentive Travel Camps provide a unique opportunity to tailor make a conference or company incentive; in large part, this is possible as each tented camp is never the same as any other.

Lets take a look at the typical challenges facing most event organisers, incentive tour operators, and corporate clients. Unlike a conventional hotel, a mobile tented camp is infinitely scalable, completely customisable, and above all, goes exactly where you want it to be. Lets take a look at the possibilities;

How big would you like your incentive travel camp to be;

Getting your incentive group into most establishments is a bit like trying to shove a round peg into a square hole. There are either not enough rooms, or too many for you to be able to privatise the venue. Incentive travel camps are almost always able to meet your exact room requirements. No need to split the group over several hotels, or pay for the array of different room categories. And then we get to the function rooms, they too are either too small or too big.

What would like the theme to be for your incentive travel camp;

Most organisers would agree, deciding on the theme is the easy part, the hard part is convincing the establishment managers to permit you to install any form of branding to identify your occasion. Easier if you have exclusive use of the venue, almost impossible if you don’t. And very often the best you will get is a pull-up banner outside the door of your function room. Incentive travel camps become your brand, and yes you get all the naming rights.

Where would you like your incentive travel camp to be;

Unlike conventional hotels, we are not restricted to a fixed address, and if the majority of your guests are based in a specific region, why not look for a location there, and save on logistics. However, if you have a specific region in mind, let us find a location there. The low impact nature of a luxury mobile tented camp means that we can establish the camp in places that are generally quite spectacular.

Incentive travel camps really do answer the age old question of, how do we make this incentive travel experience different.

Incentive Travel Camps