Long Term Camps

Mobile Tented Camps provides one of two options for long term camps, a product designed to mitigate the overhead costs of kit and equipment; transportation, set-up, and break-down.

If you have the view, we have the room!

long term camps


Option 1: back to back groups.

A mobile tented camp is best suited to longer rather than shorter term use, given the high base costs associated with mobilizing camps. The most ideal situation is where a camp is established with the intention of rotating multiple groups through the camp. It is not essential, nor even preferable, that the camp is occupied very single night, infact frequent unoccupied nights are ideal, and contribute to reducing operating costs.  This form of camp allows a client to amortize the base costs over a number of camp nights, and has proven to be successful in a number of activation’s, for example;

  • Vehicle Launches – particularly for leisure or SUV type vehicles, where ideal conditions and locations may be remote, with limited nearby accommodation. The manufacturer is able to contract the camp for a number of nights, basing their crew at the camp, and rotating invited guests through the camp.
  • Corporate Incentive Groups – Occasionally company principals wish to host a large incentive group, but would like to divide the group into smaller groups . This is particularly the case where a more intimate environment is required.
  • Conference Groups – An ideal option where a company is unable to take all delegates away together, for operational reasons, and where their operation can allow smaller groups to meet.
  • Leisure Groups – particularly in the case of group series, and this option makes it possible for guests to experience a luxury mobile tented camp in a stunning location whilst benefiting of the reduced cost.

Option 2: a joint venture camp.

Given the phenomenal growth in experiential travel, and ecotourism in South Africa, many landowners are considering alternative methods of generating revenue. An equally important consideration, is the seasonal peaks and troughs in travel trends, from both domestic and international markets. This historic travel trend places onerous cost burdens on establishments during the ‘out of season’ periods, one of the factors which contributes to a relatively risky business model.

Mobile Tented Camps is able to partner with landowners in a number of different ways to establish a tented camp on your property for an extended period of time. We have found that the ideal window is between 4 and 8 weeks. We would be happy to discuss long term camps with you, and which options suit your location best.

Please feel free to contact us if either of these options appeal to you.