Experiential Accommodation

Experiential accommodation is an extension of the rapidly growing experiential travel phenomenon. Known also as immersive travel; the aim to is to bring travelers closer to the heart and soul of a country or destination, and adventure travelers, by their nature, are essentially in pursuit of visceral experiences. Experiential accommodation and related activities is everything that mainstream tourism is not, and in fact strives to create experiences which are far removed in every sense from typical tourist attractions, and one does not need to go as far as joining a Tibetan monastery in order to find a little quiet or a space where life can just slow down, even if it is for just a few moments.
I recently completed a trip between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, and decided to stay well clear of the major arterial routes, opting instead for the dirt roads which criss-cross this magnificent country. Some of these roads used only by farmers as they go about their daily work. Stopping occasionally to watch a jackal buzzard perched on a fence post, I was surprised by the friendliness of the local folk, who appeared not to want anything except to say hi.
If we were to illustrate experiential accommodation, we could do so by beginning with a conventional urban accommodation establishment designed to provide the holiday maker a place to rest between action packed days out and about. Our holiday makers are likely to be surrounded by many others just like them, all rushing back after a day of site seeing to download their images and to connect with friends and family, sharing their experiences, before falling asleep, only to repeat the same again tomorrow.
Many of us can relate to this, and returning home we may have said “we’re exhausted, we need a holiday just to recover from this one”. On reflection, it is a little odd that we pack each day with as much as our minds and bodies can take, and leave very little time to immerse ourselves in a place or space where we can recharge. What we have essentially done is changed the back drop of our treadmills, and then wonder why we are feeling much the same as we did before we left on vacation.
Thankfully mother nature has provided all but the accommodation to give us the space we could all do with to recharge. A space to ‘connect’, and there is no need for any smart devices for this type of connection, this is a connection with ourselves and those special to us perhaps. Through experiential accommodation, there is no need for transfers back to your hotel, we bring your accommodation to you, in the form of a luxury tent. We seek out beautiful locations, unspoiled by mainstream tourism, clear skies, and crystal clear natural water ways.
Mobile Tented Camps provides experiential accommodation for groups of all sizes almost anywhere, and if you don’t have the perfect backdrop, we’ll suggest one or two.