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Mobile tented camps are not a new phenomenon, although it is a little surprising to us just how few people have heard of a mobile tented camp for groups, particularly when one speaks of accommodating 100 or more guests.It is however, not surprising that many more groups are not able to experience a mobile tented camp given the costs associated with these camps.

The design, planning, co-ordiating and logistics of a mobile tented camp

Costs associated with running a camp are relatively low, once it is up, but consider for a moment and if you have ever moved house, how long it takes to pack, load and unpack and then scale this up and now your home has 100 plus beds and it also includes ‘dismantling the house’ so to speak. Now one is able to put into persepective that even with trained crew this process is time consuming. On arrival at the camp location we will need another 4-5 days to erect, furnish and fit the camp, and another 3-4 days to strike the camp and return to base. In summary a two-night group camp is a 12-13 day project.

A good example of economies of scale

Given the costs and time associated with setting up a mobile tented camp, once can quickly see that the longer the duration of the camp and the greater the number of tents/beds the lower the rate per bed per night becomes. Cost associated with 10 tents for one night will be extremely high, and one would get far better value by selecting one of the premier 5-star hotels. And then compare this to 100 tents for two or more nights, which is significantly better value, and in some cases comparable with traditional establishments.

There is typically one of two reasons when a camp becomes the perfect option

1. When there simply are no other alternatives available at or near the location, or when existing facilities are inadequate and additional accommodation is required.
2. When the group specifically requires an experience that they may not have had before.

There are many other reasons which motivate and inform decisions to book a mobile tented camp and these could include the ability to establish a venue with a few weeks notice. The desire to have exclusive use of a venue permitting almost endless branding opportunities. The ability to configure your venue to suit your exact requirements, this could include; plenary room, break away venues, spa rooms etc. And finally when you need to make a statement with clients and staff, the sight of a large mobile tented camp is impressive.

When we are not busy with group camps or our pop-up camps, we are designing new tents and setting up independently own tented camps.

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