Canvas Tent Hire

We are in the canvas tent hire business. The services allied to canvas tent hire which are all optional include; the provision of catering, co-coordinating of sub-contractors in the case of large events, decor, sound and lighting etc. We serve the; group/function/event/exhibition/conference/car launches/team building markets amongst others throughout South Africa.

An Alternative to Conventional Accommodation

In our experience our client requests emanate from one of two possible scenarios;

Where conventional accommodation is not available canvas tent hire is an option

Lack of conventional accommodation arises from one of two reasons which are; the destination is oversubscribed and all existing establishments are fully booked. In this case you may be looking for additional accommodation to add to an already booked facility or you may require a complete camp in the vicinity.

The second reason could be that you would like to accommodate a group at a location where there is no conventional accommodation available, and this could be at a rural or remote location. This is often the case with motor vehicle launches, film shoots, adventure camps etc.

In either of these two situations, canvas tent hire is often the ideal and only solution.

Where a tented camp specifically is required

Very often and, regardless of the availability of conventional accommodation, a tented camp is the first choice for a variety of reasons; the ability to tailor design every aspect of the guest experience, the desire to try something new or simply the nostalgia of classic safari from a bygone era.

Costing A Canvas Tent Hire Project

There are three primary considerations when costing a project and they are;

  1. Number of tents and beds – We typically make use of two tent styles; the safari tent and the explorer tent where the safari tent is our typical colonial safari-styled tent and the explorer tents are also referred to as dome tents. requests exceeding 50 tents are limited to our explorer tents.
  2. Number of nights – Project cost feasibility is largely based on the number of nights and this is because costs involved in logistics, set-up and break-down often exceed the canvas tent hire cost and therefore the longer the camp lasts the cheaper each tent night becomes.
  3. Location – Our tents are generally based at one of 4 locations; Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, George and Cape Town and it is impossible to say how many of each will be at which centre. There are two considerations as far as location is concerned and they are; distance which must be traveled to the location from where our kit and equipment may be, and the suitability of the terrain for tents.


When is a camp a cost effective solution?

This is question we frequently find ourselves answering, although it is seldom put to us as directly as this, it is an important question to help clients position the suitability of this option amongst a variety of accommodation options. Generally speaking when 20 or more tents are required the option of canvas tent hire begins to be cost effective.

The least cost effective scenario;

Canvas tent hire is generally prohibitively expensive where, and for example, 10 tents are required for one night anywhere 500km or more from one of the centres mentioned above.

The most cost effective scenario;

A tented camp is generally most cost effective where the number of tents required exceeds 20 and the length of stay is longer than 3 nights.

canvas tent hire

A Canvas Tent Hire Project Is Like Starting With Your Own Blank Canvas

No conventional establishment can rival the thrill of designing your own accommodation solution. You literally have a blank canvas upon which to create a guest experience exactly how you would like it, the number and position of tents, furniture and fittings, guest entertainment areas, conference spaces and the list is almost endless right down to the smallest detail.

Thanks for reading this far, and there is more about wheat we do on our ‘about us page‘. We trust that you have a better idea of when, where and how a canvas tent hire project is best suited to your requirements, and you may also know what information we will need from you to provide you with a project estimate so feel free to drop us a line


If you are considering making frequent use of a mobile or pop-up tented camp facility feel free to explore this option here.