Looking for comfort and style?

Looking for comfort and style? We can transform ‘clean and comfortable‘ to spaces that exude warm colours and soft touches.

This could include opting for our ‘out of Africa’ styled safari tents to replace our explorer tents which are ideal for large groups that simply require a clean and comfortable experience.

Every temporary camp is a tailor-made project

The scale-ability of a luxury camp and the number of possible camp enhancements are likely to impress the most seasoned traveller. Add to this freshly prepared South African fare. This option rewards the most vivid imaginations and challenges us to execute a signature experience at every opportunity.

A luxury camp begins to shift the focus from event to accommodation

Whilst some styling can be added to our explorer tents; our spacious safari tents are ideal to take your camp to the next level. Premier occasions are traditionally designed around conventional venues, and this limits the impact of the occasion before it has even started. Suddenly, the ability to create comfort and style where ever you please begins to reveal opportunities to enhance your event which are beyond compare.

Whilst we often say “its not about the canvas”, or “think outside of the canvas” when referring to our adventure camps, a luxury camp is all about the canvas and what we can do with spaces in your camp.  

A luxury camp remains an example of economies of scale

Regardless of which tent option you select, the greater the number of tents and beds and camp duration, the better the rate per tent per night will become.  

An average camp of 50 tents, for example, takes about 5 days to establish and about 4 days to strike, this is assuming that the location is relatively ‘clean’ – which means free of debris which may harm the kit and equipment. If the camp is required for only one night, all the logistics and camp build / strike costs are amortised over 50 tents, now add a second night and the rate per tent will nearly half and so on.

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Feel free to drop us a line

When a luxury safari camp is required, our default approach is to include catering, and this is generally quoted on a brunch – high tea – dinner basis, unless you specifically indicate that you do not require catering. An example of where catering may not be required would be where our luxury tents are required to extend accommodation at an existing venue.

We really do need as much info as you have to provide an estimate as efficiently as possible. The form below contains the essential fields of info that we require. At the last question please let us know if a truck/s can access the site; will we have access to the site for approximately 4-5 days prior to your required dates and 4 days after for camp build and breakdown.