Need a lot of beds?

“We need a lot of beds” is a line we hear frequently, and our response is always how many is a lot of beds? And most of our clients are surprised at the scale a mobile tented camp can reach, and accommodating 400 guests would not be a bridge too far.

Every mobile tented camp is a tailor designed project

The scale-ability of a tented camp and the number of optional camp enhancements provide an almost perfect match for each project brief regardless of how complex or simple your requirements may be. This has resulted in no two camps being alike and we think it provides a unique opportunity to create your own destination, something no other venue can offer. 

We need a lot of beds is not about the camp

And we get that when you need a large number of beds, its not about the camp but rather the need to accommodate as many people as possible for an event or occasion. We understand that your requirements are possibly limited to ‘clean and comfortable’ in this case and not about creating an ‘out of Africa’ theme which would be better suited to our ‘comfort and style’ option.

A mobile tented camp is a great example of economies of scale

The greater the number of tents / beds and the longer the duration of the camp the more affordable it becomes.

An average camp of 50 tents, for example, takes about 5 days to establish and about 4 days to strike, this is assuming that the location is relatively ‘clean’ – which means free of debris which may harm the kit and equipment. If the camp is required for only one night, all the logistics and camp build / strike costs are amortised over 50 tents, now add a second night and the rate per tent will nearly half and so on.

Feel free to read more about how to get the best value from a mobile group accommodation camp in our article here.

need a lot beds?
A large number of tents is possible
need a lot of beds 1
Need a lot of beds

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