Why a mobile tented camp?

why a mobile tented camp

Why a mobile tented camp? What a fantastic question, and one which we enjoy answering, and it is also a frequently asked question. And before we reply, lets digress a little and, talk about experiential travel.

Experiential travel is a relatively new travel term, but not necessarily a new trend, and is defined in a number of ways, it is also often referred to as immersive travel. In essence, it is broadly associated with immersing oneself in ones environment. Apart from sleeping under the stars, the next best thing is covering yourself with a thin layer of canvas, to keep you dry perhaps. We think it would be fair to say that for a fully immersive experience, one would need to find a truly natural location. Truly natural and pristine locations in South Africa are kept that way by forbidding the establishment of tourist-type infrastructure, which precludes travelers from experiencing these environments.

What is an emerging travel trend is adventure travel, and yes, many would say that adventure travel is oldest form of travel known to man, and dates back many hundred years, as explorers covered the globe discovering new lands. In fact, adventure travel is the fastest growing travel segment worldwide. The definition of adventure travel is also broad, and within this segment there are likely to be many sub segments, some which could include; luxury adventure travel, budget adventure travel, light adventure travel etc. There is equally, a mobile tented camp for almost every adventure.

A Mobile tented camp is particularly ‘light’ on the environment, and as a result enables groups, the most unlikely sector of the travel market due to people numbers, to gain access to and experience some of the most spectacular locations in South Africa. They also put the tourism into ecotourism, and there are a multitude of direct and indirect benefits to conservators and communities as a result. Speaking of spectacular locations brings us to the most significant differential advantage which mobile tented camps have over conventional hotels and resorts.